Technology Platform

Scholar Rock has built a proprietary platform to discover new medicines designed to selectively regulate growth factor activity in the local microenvironment of cells and tissues based on our insights into the structural biology of supracellular activation of growth factors including the structure of their latent complexes and their local extracellular context.

Our technology platform encompasses distinct assets and unique know-how for drug discovery. It integrates:

  • Design of antigenic complexes and advanced protein expression capabilities: We leverage structural insights to efficiently and effectively engineer and purify large protein complexes to enable antibody discovery.
  • Proprietary biological assays and insights: We have developed a unique toolkit of assays and antibodies uncovering novel biology and disease treatment opportunities.
  • State-of-the-art antibody technologies: We deploy recombinant antibody technologies to optimize the discovery of biologics with characteristics enabling the targeting of latent growth factors and their activation.

We have combined our platform with decades of research into the specific roles of protein growth factors in disease mechanisms to build a pipeline of innovative medicines that unlock the vast therapeutic potential of targeting supracellular activation to treat disease.

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