Supracellular Activation

A New Way to Target Disease

Traditional therapeutic approaches directly target a growth factor or its receptor everywhere in the body, not only shutting down its harmful function in disease, but also potentially causing undesirable side effects arising from the inherent biology of growth factors: individual growth factors occur as members of larger families of structurally related proteins and a single growth factor can lead to a different biological effect in different tissues. By intervening in supracellular activation, our medicines target growth factors in their latent, inactive forms to selectively and locally modulate growth factor activity. In addition, unlike conventional inhibitors, modulators of supracellular activation can either ‘turn down’ growth factor activity by stabilizing the latent complex to prevent growth factor release or ‘turn up’ activity by destabilizing the latent complex to stimulate growth factor release and activity.

Inhibiting supracellular activation of a growth factor


Promoting supracellular activation of a growth factor


Scholar Rock® is applying its insight into supracellular activation to establish a new and powerful approach to therapeutically target growth factor activity at the source in the disease microenvironment.

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