Scholar Rock Secures Exclusive License to Intellectual Property from Boston Children’s Hospital

CAMBRIDGE, Mass., Jan. 2, 2014 – Scholar Rock, Inc. announced today that the company has secured an exclusive license from Boston Children’s Hospital to fundamental intellectual property related to modulation of niche activators of growth factors for therapeutic applications. This intellectual property was developed in part by Timothy Springer, Ph.D., and Leonard Zon, M.D., distinguished researchers at Boston Children’s Hospital who are co-founders of Scholar Rock. Under the terms of the license agreement, Boston Children’s Hospital will be eligible to receive milestone and royalty payments on the sale of any future therapeutic products that make use of the intellectual property licensed by Scholar Rock. Other terms of the agreement are not disclosed.

“We are pleased to add this license from Boston Children’s Hospital to the growing portfolio of intellectual property being developed by Scholar Rock,” said Nagesh Mahanthappa, Ph.D., Chief Executive Officer and President of Scholar Rock. “A robust patent strategy is a fundamental component of how we are building value as Scholar Rock discovers and develops novel therapeutics, called niche activators, for targeting the disease microenvironment.”

About Scholar Rock
Scholar Rock is a biotechnology company discovering and developing a new class of biologic medicines, called niche activators, which target disease-causing proteins in the tissue microenvironment to achieve therapeutic effects fundamentally at the source of disease. The company’s proprietary technology has a unique capability for discovering and developing niche activators to be highly selective in targeting specific protein growth factors and opens a new therapeutic approach to address challenging diseases. Scholar Rock’s founders and scientific advisors are leaders in elucidating new insights related to molecular mechanisms of growth factor signaling. The company’s niche activators have a wide range of disease applications including autoimmune diseases, fibrosis, and diseases of musculoskeletal systems.

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