Technology Platform

Scholar Rock®'s proprietary supracellular activation platform enables us to create a new class of biologic therapeutics which target growth factors in the local microenvironment of cells and tissues.

Our technology platform is based on our insights into the structural biology of supracellular growth factor activation including the structure of their latent complexes and their extracellular context in the immediate vicinity of the cell. By considering these new insights into growth factor activation, our R&D approach is designed to discover novel medicines that can achieve specific therapeutic effects through targeting the supracellular activation of growth factors. In this way, Scholar Rock’s supracellular activation platform overcomes the key challenges of existing therapeutic approaches that can be relatively nonspecific in targeting a growth factor or its receptor throughout the body.

Cross-talk and redundancy among multiple growth factor signaling pathways confound specific targeting Individual growth factors can show significant structural similarity to each other, and individual receptors can interact with multiple growth factors. Interventions intended to target one growth factor or one receptor will unintentionally interfere with multiple signaling pathways Latent growth factor complexes exhibit significant structural diversity even among otherwise closely related growth factors, allowing exquisite selectivity for the growth factor of interest.
Pleiotropic effects result in growth factor activity in unintended tissues A particular growth factor may be expressed ubiquitously throughout the body, but elicit different responses in different tissues. Scholar Rock’s drug candidates modulate the supracellular activation of the target growth factor locally in the tissue microenvironment, ensuring its effects are confined to the area of interest.

Targeting supracellular activation offers a robust mechanism for inhibiting or promoting the activity of growth factors to treat disease.
Scholar Rock’s platform enables therapeutic interventions that address the two different dimensions of growth factor dysregulation in diseases, by intervening to either ‘turn down’ or ‘turn up’ growth factor activation. Supracellular activation can be targeted to selectively and locally stabilize the latent complex to prevent growth factor signaling or destabilize the latent complex to stimulate growth factor signaling.

Inhibiting supracellular activation of a growth factor

Promoting supracellular activation of a growth factor

Scholar Rock’s proprietary technology platform encompasses distinct assets and unique know-how for drug discovery.
Our proprietary technology platform enables our scientists to discover and optimize drug candidates and transform insights regarding growth factor structure and activation into important and novel therapeutics.

Scholar Rock’s platform integrates:
  • Proprietary antigen design and expression capabilities: We efficiently and effectively engineer antigens to mimic an in vivo latent complex and enable antibody discovery.
  • Unique functional assays: We reconstitute the mechanisms of latent growth factor activation in vitro to evaluate activity of drug candidates, and to optimize candidates that most effectively target the latent complex to modify its activation.
  • State-of-the-art antibody technologies: We deploy recombinant antibody technologies to discover biologics with characteristics enabling the targeting of latent growth factors and their activation.
The distinctive technologies in Scholar Rock’s platform combine the company’s proprietary insights into the molecular architecture of growth factors and decades of detailed knowledge regarding the specific roles of protein growth factors in disease mechanisms. This confluence of capabilities for understanding the latent growth factors is second to none in the pharmaceutical industry and positions Scholar Rock as the leader in developing medicines that target supracellular activation as a new class of medicines.

Our R&D approach is focused on discovering novel medicines that can achieve highly specific therapeutic effects through targeting the supracellular activation of growth factors.