Scholar Rock® is currently pursuing drug development programs for a range of diseases in which protein growth factors play a critical role.
  • Our near-term focus is on targeting supracellular activation of specific growth factors for the treatment of muscle disease, fibrosis, autoimmunity and immuno-oncology.
  • In the therapeutic area of muscle disease, our most advanced modulator of supracellular activation is SRK-015, a specific and local inhibitor of the activation of latent myostatin for the treatment of primary myopathies.
  • In the area of fibrotic diseases, Scholar Rock is focused on modulating the supracellular activation of certain growth factors known to be central to the disease process in the connective tissue microenvironment, including TGFβ1 and BMP7.
  • In collaboration with Janssen Biotech (a division of Johnson & Johnson), Scholar Rock is discovering and developing drug candidates for the treatment of autoimmune diseases and immuno-oncology by targeting the supracellular activation of the growth factor TGFβ1 in the immune system microenvironment.
  • Scholar Rock’s unique supracellular activation platform is generating novel biologics that will shed new light on areas of cutting edge biology. For example, Scholar Rock is the first to discover selective inhibitors of GDF11, a growth factor implicated in a variety of disease processes.

Targeting supracellular activation Discovery/
in vivo POC
Muscle disease Inhibition
Fibrosis Inhibition and activation
Immuno-oncology Inhibitor
Autoimmune Activator

Growth factors are known to play a key role in each of our therapeutic focus areas, offering the opportunity for more specific targeting of the disease process to meet unmet medical needs.