About Scholar Rock

Scholar Rock® is discovering and developing a new class of biologic therapies to selectively target dysregulated growth factors in the disease microenvironment by modulating supracellular activation, resulting in therapeutic effects specifically at the source of disease.

Our proprietary technology has a unique capability for highly selective targeting of growth factors which play a fundamental role in regulating cell growth and differentiation. Modulating supracellular activation is relevant to a wide range of diseases including fibrosis, diseases of musculoskeletal systems, autoimmune diseases, and cancer.

Scholar Rock has a highly experienced management team with leaders who have helped to build successful biotech companies. The company was founded by distinguished scientists, Dr. Timothy Springer and Dr. Leonard Zon, whose key discoveries in growth factor biology are enabling the company’s therapeutic approach.

Growth factors are key regulators of cell growth and differentiation. An underappreciated aspect of these proteins is that they often exist in latent forms on cell surfaces and in the extracellular matrix, and they require “activation” in order to exert their physiological roles. Too much or too little activation of growth factors can be a mechanism that underlies many disease processes.

Supracellular activation refers to the molecular mechanisms through which latent forms of protein growth factors are activated in the unique context of a local microenvironment that involves cell surface proteins and the extracellular matrix. Among the different mechanisms promoting activation are protein-protein binding interactions and enzymatic cleavage. Supracellular activation can be targeted to either promote or inhibit growth factor activity as appropriate to a particular disease process.